Language school teaching Romanian Lessons


As part of our educational department, we offer a range of Romanian language services designed to meet the learning needs of adult learners at all levels of proficiency, whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Our teaching methods are highly interactive and always aimed at facilitating the integration of learners into the Romanian cultural environment. We take great care to ensure that our programs are delivered in a manner that is respectful and considerate of our students’ individual needs and preferences.

Teaching methods

Online one-to-one lessons are the most customizable and personalized way of teaching. Our learning plans are tailored to the specific expectations of each learner, whether it be for business purposes, citizenship requirements, college preparation, vocabulary development, or communication improvement.

Furthermore, our scheduling is highly flexible and always agreed upon in advance with the teacher. In the event that a lesson needs to be rescheduled, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Additionally, we offer each learner a free cancellation for every 30 lessons taken.

We begin the learning process with a 30-minute introductory meeting between the teacher and potential learner. During this meeting, we evaluate the learner’s expectations, assess their current level of language proficiency, and present our teaching methods and materials. We take great care to ensure that our teaching approach is tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each learner.

Private Romanian Lessons is one of the methods to Learn Romanian
You can also get Group Romanian Lessons and Learn Romanian in a group of expats and foreigners

Our group lessons provide a pre-defined and structured teaching service, designed to address a particular level of proficiency, whether it be beginner, beginner-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced, or advanced.

We customize the materials to challenge our learners to take small but meaningful steps towards advancing to the next level. The lesson format is prepared in advance and our main aim is to maintain a balance between the number of students and the duration of the lesson, ensuring a consistent and continuous learning plan.

Please note that the schedule and number of lessons are fixed as part of a learning package. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate our learners’ progress while ensuring that they receive the highest quality instruction in a supportive and encouraging environment.

At our Romanian Lessons you will Learn the Romanian grammar

The grammar modules are designed to enhance our learners’ understanding of different grammar parts (e.g. the verb, the nominal group) and to support their development in these areas.

Our grammar modules are delivered in a structured and consistent manner, ensuring that learners receive the highest quality instruction in a supportive and encouraging environment. We take great pride in helping our learners achieve their language learning goals and we are committed to supporting them every step of the way.


Interactive learning

Conversation is what we practice at our Romanian Lessons

A text or a video, a subject to debate, pre-defined question, a list of relevant vocabulary, a text to prepare for presenting and a good networking time are the ingredients of our conversation club. We are still focused on the added value, that’s why the number of attendees at a meeting is limited to 5.

Our duty is to guide the meeting, correct the members whenever is needed and to provide relevant explanations, making from the it the perfect place where the members can improve their language skills and develop their vocabulary.       

Our Intensive Weekend Trips began in 2019, and before the 2020 pandemic, we organized five events both at the mountainside and in Bucharest.

Our aim with these events is to provide added value to our participants’ leisure time by combining a fun atmosphere with intensive learning. Each weekend includes 10 to 12 hours of interactive teaching on a specific topic, as well as opportunities for networking and practicing the language during meals and visits to tourist attractions.

A workshop of Romanian Lessons where Expats and Foreigners are Learning Romanian Language