The story of Punto Iberica began in 2015, when Andreea founded the company for the purpose of having a legal framework for offering Romanian and Spanish language lessons for adults and teenagers.

The company’s name also provides the key to understanding its values. Thus, Punto Iberica proposed to be the meeting point of the lovers of Hispanic culture, but not only, and through its activities to build a solid bridge to knowledge and culture, integrating in the courses not only simple etymologies, but also historical, literary, and cultural arguments, designed to facilitate the cultural integration of the learners in the space of the language they are learning.

Years of constant activity in the field followed, that marked collaborations with both multinational companies and private individuals. Along with the classic teaching, there were integrated the linguistic audit services, that are so necessary for the preparation of a learning program.

Between 2018 and 2019, the company launched the integration and educational tourism programs, which consist of organizing thematic courses in tourist areas, respectively in Prahova Valley. The program was well received by business, entrepreneurs, or employees of multinational companies, with five events being organized until the end of 2019. The outbreak of the pandemic has led to the interruption of these events until 2022, when were resumed.

Testimony to the above are the posts and reviews received on the official Facebook page of Punto Iberica.

Going on a common path, in 2022 Ovidiu joined the company, starting a new stage of development for our company. By this occasion, the first bricks were laid for the construction of new departments in the field of legal services and data protection, as well as in the field of professional trainings and certifications, Punto Iberica signing the partnership agreement with PECB Inc.   

2022 also marked a new stage in the development of the foreign lessons department by starting the 7-person group lessons and the Romanian Conversation Club for Expats.

We are looking at the future with great perspective and confidence!

We define our mission statement and objectives based on the following facts: we care about the others, we want to build culture, we want to offer from what we’ve learned and to put our expertise and knowledge in the services of our clients, we care about the balance, and not the least, we know that we are perfectible.

A Romanian Lessons teacher with experience

Andreea floar
teacher / founder

For more than 10 years she worked with the business environment and in integration programs, teaching for refugees and building learning materials.

Romanian Lessons manager at the school

Ovidiu Ionescu
managing partner

7 years of legal support and 3 years in the field of data protection, both as an advisor and a DPO in the corporate environment.