Romanian language module

Learn Romanian from wherever you are! A Romanian language module for beginner designed to cover the essential needs of an adult living abroad, in Romania.

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Semi-intensive, Economic and Efficient

As a beginner, this method is the best way to Learn Romanian, keeping you constantly connected to the brand-new information you receive.

From basics to speaking

The 30 lessons journey for beginners is a puzzle made from essential grammar parts and speaking exercises, designed to facilitate your basic communication needs

Look at what you will actively study during this 30-lesson module:

  • Alphabet and pronunciation
  • Personal pronouns
  • Verbs “to be” and “to have”
  • Noun: Introductory concepts, Genders, Number
  • Numeral
  • Article: Definite and Indefinite
  • Connection between noun, numeral, article & pronouns
  • Adjective
  • Verbs: General notions, Present indicative theory, Past tense, and Future

From getting to know each other to going to vacation, the texts that you will practice will challenge you  to rent an apartment, take the taxi, open a bank, go for groceries or even for shopping. If you don´t have the mood to go out, don´t  worry, now you´ll know how to order online. And if you car will break, definitely you will be more confident when going to the mechanic with it. 🙂

When learning a foreign language, the level of development will always have some subjective sides. Some of these are the personal effort and individual practice. We will make sure you´ll have homework after each lesson. Don´t worry, it will not take more than 30 minutes to solve it! The rest, it´s on you 😉

In addition to these 30 lessons, your group will get an extra 1-hour Q&A session. There, you will debate specific situations that you encountered in practice and which might not have been covered during the lessons, due to the lesson’s focus on other topics, your hesitance to divert attention, or time constraints.

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Infrastructure for online lessons

Except the tools and accessories used by our teachers, that will make you feel like in physical class, our online lessons format is built on the following structure:

SharePoint Folder

Here you will find your manual, advices and other materials to support you during your entire learning process. The teacher will store here all the materials she will design during the lessons.

Lessons recordings

Missing a lesson will not be a problem, because you will have access to the recording, so you can catch up with the group. Anyway, you should never forgot how important is to actively particpate to the lessons.

WhatsApp Group

To ease the communication with your colleagues and the teacher, you can join the dedicated WhatsApp group. This how will also not flood your inbox with the notifications that we send regularly

Hi-tech teachers

Don´t worry, our teachers are humans :), but they are using state of the art technology to make your learning experience as much as possible similar with an interaction in a real class.

Expats are lovin’ it

This module is tailored for the expat life in Romania. Check out how your fellow expats reviewed us after passing through our Romanian modules

“I learned more today in one hour compared to other previous teachers”

I joined the class Romanian for beginners. The teaching was excellent. I was thinking why didn’t I meet a teacher earlier in my life who could teach me Romanian this way. I learned more today in one hour compared to other previous teachers. Andreea is the best Romanian teacher I have ever met. Thank you very much from the Danish Girl.

By teaching online they are creating a community of people who are learning Romanian

Andreea and Ovidiu are very friendly and by teaching online they are creating a community of people who are learning Romanian, so you also get to see the same people again, which makes it easier to be confident when speaking in the lessons.

“In-depth and balance grammar with roleplays”

I have been learning Romanian with Andreea now for over 3 months and I am really enjoying the experience. I can read, write and speak in Romanian, albeit slowly! The courses are very good value as they are in-depth and balance grammar with roleplays, like opening a bank account, going to the supermarket, etc.

“It’s really rewarding to learn Romanian”

I’ve completed the beginner (A1) intensive course and then moved on to the conversation club (A2). I’ve also been to their intensive language weekend in Sinaia, which combines language learning with seeing a beautiful part of Romania and eating the food, seeing the markets and so on. I’d recommend these courses if you are planning to live in Romania. Romanians are very kind when you try to speak the language, so it’s really rewarding to learn it and be able to speak to local people.”

“The teaching was very professional”

I took part in the Romanian classes for A1 and A2 levels, and I have been extremely happy with the results. The classes were great, the pacing was just right, and the teaching was very professional.

A group module of Romanian lessons for beginners

Written agreement

Individual or company, there is no difference. We assume our promises in written, making sure that both parties are fairly secured.

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How it works

  • Order online the module
  • Receive by e-mail the e-contract. Review and sign it.
  • Receive the fiscal invoice. From now on, your registration is confirmed.
  • Receive the logistics and get ready to start learning, as soon as the group will be completed

Frequently asked questions?

If there is something more that you need to know, here you could find the answers 🙂

What if the group will not be completed by the starting date?

Don´t worry, you are secured by the contract. We are allowed to prolong the start of the module for maximum 2 weeks from the initial date. Anytime before starting the module, you can ask for a full refund.

How much will I learn during this 30 lessons module?

Learning has also subjective parts. Our goal is to teach you how to master the topics that are covered in the communication exercises and thanks to the grammar to draw further analogies for your daily experiences

Will I be able to speak Romanian fluently?

You will be surprised how your reading and speaking skills will improve, but still to speak fluently you´ll have to study and practice for more than 30 lessons. For sure you will cover the life situation practiced at the lessons.

What standards did you followed when you built thus learning plan?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, stating that passing to the next level requires an average of 90h. We´ve built an intercalated approach, where the topics are not limited to the requirements for A1 , but we also included elements specific to A2 and even B1.

Should I buy the course support?

No, the course support is provided by us. From public materials that were specially developed to teach Romanian to adults, we took the right elements to build the lesson plan according to our didactical approach.

Why should I choose online rather than physical lessons?

Because the way that the class is designed and thanks to the tools that our teachers are using, the triangle student/s – teacher – content is many times perceived better than in the class room.

What I´ll do after this 30 lessons module ends?

The journey with us doesn´t finishes here. We have built the A2 and A2+ modules make a swift transition from grammar to communication. Separately, you can choose between conversation clubs, grammar seminars or private classes.

Give me three reasons to take this module with you?

Professional, Economic, Organised

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