Exploring Romanian as a Foreign Language 

Understanding the Significance of Learning Romanian as a Foreign Language 

Romanian as a Foreign Language is a specialized field that focuses on teaching Romanian to non-native speakers. Whether you’re an expat living in Romania, a traveller exploring the beauty of this Eastern European country, or simply someone with a fascination for languages, learning Romanian holds immense significance.

Unlocking Opportunities

Learning Romanian can open doors to a multitude of opportunities. It’s not just about mastering a new language; it’s about connecting with a rich culture, engaging with locals on a deeper level, and navigating the intricacies of life in Romania.

1. Integration into Romanian Society

For expats and foreigners, being able to communicate effectively in Romanian is a powerful tool for integration. It’s the key to understanding the customs, traditions, and everyday life of the country.

2. Enhanced Travel Experiences

If you’re a traveller exploring Romania, knowing some Romanian phrases can greatly enhance your experience. Locals appreciate it when visitors make an effort to speak their language, and it often leads to more authentic and enjoyable interactions.

Tailored Learning Resources

Our Romanian as a Foreign Language programs and resources are addressed specifically to non-native speakers. These programs recognize the unique challenges faced by learners and are tailored to address them effectively.

The Unique Challenges of Learning Romanian

Learning any new language comes with its own set of challenges, and Romanian is no exception. Here are some of the unique difficulties learners encounter:

Pronunciation Peculiarities

Romanian has a distinct pronunciation, including sounds that are not present in many other languages. The “ă” sound, for example, can be a challenge for learners. Our programs are equipped to help learners overcome these pronunciation hurdles.

Grammar Complexity

Romanian grammar can be complex, with gendered nouns, cases, and verb conjugations. The Romanian lessons are structured to break down these complexities and provide learners with a solid foundation in Romanian grammar.

Our Romanian as a Foreign Language Programs and Learning Options

The availability of Romanian learning programs and resources has expanded in recent years, making it easier than ever to build your Romanian language learning journey. Let’s take a closer look at the general offerings, as well as to the unique services provided by our school.

We offer dedicated Romanian lessons, addressed to learners at various levels of proficiency. We designed our programs to provide a comprehensive and immersive language learning experience.

Beginner to Advanced Levels

Our courses accommodate a wide range of language proficiency levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your advanced skills, there’s a course suitable for you.

Intensive Language Training

We provide intensive language training programs. These programs are structured to help learners progress rapidly, with focused instruction and frequent practice opportunities.

Experienced Teacher

One of the key strengths of language schools is the presence of experienced teachers. Our school prides itself with Andreea, our qualified and dedicated teacher who is passionate about helping learners succeed.

Our Language School’s Unique Offerings

At Punto Iberica, we go beyond traditional language instruction to offer a range of specialized services that animates your Romanian language learning journey:

Individual Lessons

Our individual courses provide personalized attention and a tailored curriculum to suit your specific learning needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to focus on conversational skills, business Romanian, or other aspects, we design a course just for you.

Group Lessons

The group courses are designed for those who thrive in a collaborative learning environment, as well as for those looking for an economical study plan. With a maximum of seven participants, these classes ensure that you receive ample interaction with both the teacher and fellow learners. Our A1 and A2 level courses provide a strong foundation in Romanian.

Conversation Clubs

Our conversation clubs offer a unique opportunity to practice your language skills in a relaxed and social setting. Engage in discussions on various topics and gain confidence in your conversational abilities.

Weekend Thematic Workshops

The weekend workshops focus on specific themes and aspects of Romanian language and culture. These workshops are not only informative but also provide cultural immersion, making them excellent opportunities for learning and experiencing the richness of Romanian culture.

Cultural Opportunities

At Punto Iberica, we understand that language learning is not just about grammar and vocabulary; it’s about embracing the culture and traditions of Romania. We regularly organize cultural events, outings, and activities to enhance your cultural experience.


Learning Romanian as a Foreign Language offers a gateway to the beauty of Romania and its culture. With the expanded availability of learning programs, including the unique offerings of language schools like ours, learners have more opportunities than ever to embark on this rewarding language learning journey. Whether you choose individual courses, group classes, conversation clubs, or weekend workshops, the path to mastering Romanian is open and inviting.

Discover the joy of connecting with locals, exploring Romanian culture, and experiencing the warmth of the country through language. Whether your goal is to navigate daily life, build relationships, or simply enrich your cultural awareness, our language school is here to support you every step of the way.

So, take that first step in your Romanian language adventure, and let us be your trusted guide to mastering Romanian as a Foreign Language.

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