While learning Romanian with us, you contribute to cause believe in!

Learn and donate” is our new business concept! This brings the “donate your discount” option.

Learn and Donate is our business principle.

From now on, our students can choose between enjoying a discount or donating it. In some cases where no discounts apply, we will set aside up to 10% of our income. This is our “learn and donate” program!

For us, this is the best way to share and express our values through our professional activities. In many of our presentations, we have emphasised our commitment to others and our desire to share our knowledge and expertise with our students. Now we can do just that!

We are initiating a donation fund, where we will accumulate the value of discounts from those who choose not to use them, and we will also contribute up to 10% of our income from some cases where no discount is applicable (e.g., weekend modules in Sinaia and Bucharest). We will utilise these funds for donations to causes we believe in, specifically those related to social inclusion and reducing school dropout rates. After each donation, we will provide explicit details to our students and followers.

It’s crucial to underline that donating your discount is not mandatory; it’s an option that anyone willing can choose. We recognise that in everyone’s life, there can be moments, situations, or periods when priorities are entirely focused on oneself, one’s family, and/or home. We deeply appreciate this, and we will continue our duty to teach, regardless of the choices our students make.

In the end, what could be more beautiful than learning and self-improvement?

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